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Honeyplex was founded with the idea that our technology should not just be a means to earn our keep, but an extension of our core values that we keep close to our heart.

We started building sites for ourselves years ago we realized:

  1. Far too many doctors, lawyers and “experts” are not really experts at all. In fact, in any profession, I estimate only 20% of them are actual masters in their craft and care deeply about their customers.
  2. Far too many good doctors, lawyers and “experts” are not master marketers and can use a technological competitive edge. This is where we come in.

We specialize in building user friendly and search engine friendly websites that appeal to both user metrics AND search engine visibility. We want people to find you even if Google and other search engines did not exist. The premise of the World Wide Web was instantaneous connectivity, worldwide, and we believe this power can be used to feature legitimately good services to the people who need them.

Our clients outperform their market competitors by a factor of 10:1 because we select clients who share our design and ultimately life philosophy. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and we only take on projects we fully have intend to succeed at with 100% certainty. 10x performance requires the following traits:

  • Close intimate working relationship with the client
  • The client already has a legitimately valuable service
  • The web is a powerful platform for reaching more people, but not a substitute for an existing process for a successful service or business practice
  • The client has superior skills in his or her area of expertise but requires a equally knowledgeable tech partner

If you have a question or a proposal for a project, please use the contact us page.