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Our goal is to create websites that leverage time and money in order for people to fulfill their true callings in life. To this end, we only accept and take on projects that meet the following criteria:

  1. Is the website covering a topic that meets your true passion or calling? Is it something you’re willing to spend a a disciplined amount of time on in the beginning 6 months? If not, we will not take on the project.
  2. Are the margins high enough for this to be a profitable business? There has to be a big enough pie to reach for. The margins must be high to ensure that our work pays off for you, the client.
  3. Can the website be developed in a way that allowed for close to complete automation upon completion? Automation of a successful, calculable ROI is key to our clients outperforming their competitors.
  4. Is there a “diamond in the rough” or someone you know is good at their job, but lack the technology know-how to get found online? Can we help them compete with people who have more money but less skilled or caring of their clients? Is there emotional leverage in this project? If so, it will help us overcome all the walls that we need to break down to perform as a 10x website.